Nerds and beads

In our ongoing research into the hypothesis that maths and science is the new rock’n’roll we ventured to the seedy streets of Soho, to see Festival of the spoken nerd at Soho Theatre. Otherwise known as Steve Mould, Helen Arney and Matt Parker, the FotSN have been touring their combination of comedy, science and maths for a while and are now filling the Soho Theatre for a run of five nights. The show was a selection of their favourite bits of the last two shows toured, with each of the three taking their turn to do their thing.

The first thing to strike us was the similarity of the crowd, both in type and behaviour, to the crowds attending any of the other comedy gigs here. Nerdery is no longer a niche market — we’re all nerds now. Once ushered into the theatre we were presented with a slick show, with (slightly irritating) sound effects and power point slides, and a number of health-and-safety-bending experiments. A fantastically well-rehearsed team worked together to facilitate each others’ performances. … (+Plus Magazine)

Don’t knot them!