My Favorite Riemann Problem

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This is a translation of the Dutch book De Riemann-hypothese: Een miljoenenprobleem published by Epsilon Uitgaven in 2011. It grew out of an intensive online course given by the authors in the period 2006-2010 for talented secondary school students. The course lasted four weeks and students got support for solving the many exercises via the internet.
The idea of the course is fully maintained in this text. It has four parts, corresponding to the four weeks of the course. Its material is accessible for interested secondary school students and, why not, for starting university students as well. It is however not a leisurely reading text. Serious working and solving the many exercises that are sprinkled throughout the text is required. No more online support for the book but solutions are provided in an appendix at the end. For readers who are in for a challenge, there are somewhat more demanding exercises at the end of each part. Three other short appendices refer to external sources. One briefly gives a sketch of why large prime numbers are important. Basically it just mentioning that they are used in the RSA cryptosystem. Another one refers to freely available software packages. Besides the commercial algebra packages like Maple and Mathematica, the free software proposed can be found on the web page of Wolfram Alpha. The necessary commands to solve some of the exercises are given too. For more intensive computations, one is referred to the Sage website. A third appendix lists four books and a number of websites for further reading and experimenting. … (EMS)