Math Music

A math class with pianos? It may sound unusual, but Marcus Blackwell Jr. thinks it’s the perfect way to teach students math.
The company he founded, Make Music Count, uses tunes by artists like Ariana Grande, Sam Smith and 2 Chainz in interactive lessons designed to make learning math concepts easy and fun.
But how?
For an algebra class, the musical notes are labeled on a piano’s keys. Students are taught to count the movements from one note to the other to solve math problems.
For example, to play a note in Justin Timberlake’s hit song “Mirrors,” the class may follow the sequence below:
“Where x equals 2
B + x = ____
B + 2 = E♭ (E flat)”
To solve the equation, students start at B then move two notes to the right. Where they land is the answer — in this case E flat. With subtraction, rather than move to the right, they move to the left. … (CNN)